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The Energy

The stunning new "Energy" hand pump, builds dynamically on Angram's class-leading CQ design evolving our precision manufactured beer engine while introducing a new "wave profile" plinth and impressive sculptured handles.  The Energy showcases a contemporary enclosure, backed up by Angram's unbeatable precision engineered manufacturing.  Truly "Fit & Forget" - The Next Generation.

This unit now comes in two options, standard pour from the back of the beer engine and now also available the raised pour option which is now becoming a popular choice for our customer base, giving the "Theatre of Pour".

Please be aware the Energy Hand-pump has 10 working days lead time and the "Raised Pour" Energy has 15 working days lead time.


Finish: Chrome
Fitting: Clamp On
Plinth: Chrome
Pulls: Single
Cylinders: 1/4 pint standard & 1/4 pint water cooled

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