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Compact Cabinet Hand Pump

The Angram Model CC combines supremely elegant styling with the faultless operation long-term reliability which have made Angram famous for handpump beer dispensers highest quality.

The Model CC provides a wide range of options and benefits from the same and precise action which make all Angram handpumps a delight to use.

The optional water-jacketed cylinder assembly keeps beer within the cylinder cool.

Connection to the cooling circuit is via 3/8” push-fit connectors. The water-jacketed cylinder is easily retro-fitted to units with the standard cylinder, in just a few minutes.

All Angram Cabinets are available full length at no extra cost.

  • Minimum under-bar space requirement
  • Easy to fit in standard cut-out size
  • Ultra light, precise action
  • Modular design for easy service
  • Angram reliability and durability
  • Optional legs available


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Overall width x depth Width (mm) Depth (mm)
Single 254 244
Twin 406 244

Angram model CC handpumps are designed to occupy a minimum amount of space within the bar structure. It is not necessary to cut out shelves if the top shelf is more than 270mm below the bar top. The cut out size is common with many other makes of cabinet handpump, enabling direct replacement of old units.

Finish: Brass or Chrome

Fitting: Cut Out

Plinth: Oak, Unstained, Mahogany, Black Ash

Pulls: Single or Multi-pull plinth

Cylinders: Quarter pint or half pint water cooled, Quarter pint standard or half pint standard

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