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Counter Mounting Hand Pump

The Angram Counter Mounting handpump eliminates the usual problems of through-bar fitting.

Because of its unique action assembly, the unit can be installed into bar tops of any thickness up to 2" without the need for packaging, shims or adjustments of any kind.

The brassware alignment is automatically correct, as is the cylinder alignment. Fitting becomes a simple matter of cutting the aperture using the template provided and bolting the unit in.


  • Fits any bar top up to 2" thick without any adjustment required
  • Straightforward and quick to fit
  • Ultra light, precise action
  • Modular design for easy service
  • Angram reliability and durability
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Height below bar top, frame: 324mm
Height below bar top, cover plate: 302mm + bar edge thickness
Overall width: 128mm
Minimum spacing between units: 178mm
Maximum bar top edge thickness: 55mm

Finish: Brass and chrome. Front Plate Black
Fitting: Cut Out
Plinth: No Plinth
Cylinders: Quarter pint standard, Quarter pint water cooled, half pint standard and Quarter pint water cooled

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