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Ultimate Home Bar Solution

The Angram Ultimate Home Bar Solution contains everything required to pull Cask Conditioned Real Ale in your home environment.

Whether having a party indoors or an outdoor summer BBQ, get things started by serving your friends and family the perfect pint of real Cask Ale at your own home.

Comes with the comprehensive and straightforward "Angram Guide" to help you setup your own home Bar and to care, maintain and serve your Cask Ale in perfect condition.

Serve Real Ale from the industry leading Model CQ Beer Engine and enjoy that perfect pint.

With the Cooler cooling both the Cask Probe and CQ Cylinder you get the perfect pint at the perfect temperature every time.

*The CQ Beer Engine will easily mount on most tables and bars. Counter Bar in picture for illustrative purposes only. Custom Bar Counters can be commissioned, contact us for details*

The Ultimate Home Bar Solution Kit Contains:-

The Angram Guide for the complete setup of your Bar Solution which also includes a comprehensive Guide to Serving and Maintaining Cask Ale.

Angram Model CQ Beer Engine (1/4 Pint Water-Jacketed Cylinder) in Brass and Oak.

Flash Cooler (Reconditioned) to cool both Cooling Probe and Beer Engine Water Jacket.

Cask Auto-Tilt Stand to ensure perfect stillage for your cask.

Cask Cooling Probe for cooling the Cask directly

Push Connectors (Straight) x 2
(3/8 to 5/16)
Push Connectors Size (Elbow) x 6 
(3/8 to 3/8)
Connection Tubes (3/8 Inch) x 4
Braided Connection Tube (1/2 Inch)
Jubilee Clips x 2
Cask Tap
Cask Tap Tail
Hop Filter
Cask Tap Nut
Hard & Soft Spiles x 4
Sparkler (0.6mm)