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Low Liner

The traditional low liner has been developed to take a standard beer line or optional re-circ to the tap.  The LED lighting is exclusive to Angram with a three year guarantee.  Plinth profile is the same as the handpump to give you an extra edge in style, when side by side with any Angram handpump.


Trace cooled to customer specification

Illuminated or non illuminated

T Bars/Low Liners LED as standard

1 through to 7 out units (7 Out is a special order and the lead time will change to 15 working days)

Freeflow or metered dispense

Finished in Brass or Chrome

Plinths - Mahogany, Oak, unstained and Black Ash

Taps:- For Chrome or Brass Taps please contact the Sales Team

2 Out - 240mm
3 Out - 355mm
4 Out - 470mm
5 Out - 585mm
6 Out - 700mm
7 Out - 815mm

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